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Aside from being the perfect location to host different events, Palazzo San Teodoro allows its guest to live a time travel through the past and the future, giving them the possibility to live a multi­sensorial experience.

The Experience, the main feature of Palazzo San Teodoro, is the Virtual Reality, made feasible by two specific app, which have been developed on Samsung Gear VR Oculus.

Enjoy the Naples reconstruction at the time of the Bourbon Kingdom and the music symposium that follow your touch creating a sound composition: these are the two stages that will throw you into the historic atmosphere and artistic charm of the 18th century!

Visit the historic house on reservation


Tour (guided tour and rental Oculus): 4.50 EUR
Children up to 13 years (rental Oculus): 2 EUR
Schools (guided tour and rental Oculus): 2 EUR

The proceeds will be allocated to the maintenance and preservation of the house-museum.

Overall duration of the tour: 50 minutes
Closed December 31, January 1 and on public holidays.
Visit the Palace without Oculus and guides: Free

Numero Verde

or visiting the website www.palazzosanteodoroexperience.com