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The history of Palazzo San Teodoro, noble residence located at the beginning of Chiaia district on the seafront of Naples, follows the evolution of the city during the Bourbons era.
At the end of XVIII century Chiaia, which today is the most prestigious district of the city, was still extra­moenia (outside the walls of the kingdom).
King Ferdinando IV made it as one of the twelve districts of the city and he gave to Guglielmo Bechi, tuscan architect convened to work at the court, the duty to devise the Real Villa, the green area that still characterized the city.Being highly considered by the court, Chiaia became a desired location to live in by the aristocracy, which bought and refurbished the buildings of the area according to the historic standard of beauty: the neoclassicism.

At the beginning of XIX century, the duke Carlo Caracciolo di San Teodoro, kingdom’s senator, bought three buildings and gave the duty to Guglielmo Bechi to design a unique building.

The prodigy architect made an authentic artwork: three neoclassical floors, having an outstanding artistic value. This work, made with passion and authenticity, allowed the architect to build the famous Villa Pignatelli, connected to Palazzo San Teodoro by a clear common thread.

Caracciolo’s family owned the Palace for nearly a century, after which the red pompeian building was sold to the current owners.

Today, this prestigious noble residence, carefully restored in 2001, opens its doors to those who want to make it the ideal location for cultural and artistic events, congress, meetings, incentives, gala lunches etc.